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We save animals from Ukraine

Join us and help change their fate!

Our goal is to provide ongoing support to the animal shelter in Fedoriwka.

Can you look them in the eye and say – it’s just a dog? Into the eyes that saw the falling rockets. Eyes that hide a fully thinking being, feeling pain and fear, and able to love like mine?

What you need on site…


Pet's food

The need for food in such a sizable shelter is substantial. We aim to ensure that those animals never go without food.


Bowls, collars, beds

At the shelter, we are truly in need of everything. We require items like bowls, collars, leashes, and beds. With your assistance, we can purchase these essentials.


Medical care

Many animals require medical help, treatment, nutrients, dressings, and flea and tick protection.


Adoption documents

Every animal we want to bring to Poland, in order to legally cross the border must have a passport and other documents.


Medical examination, chip

When crossing the border, every dog and cat, must be electronically tagged, undergo necessary vaccinations, and receive medical examinations.


Transport to Poland

After finding people in Poland willing to adopt, we need to cover the transportation costs from Ukraine. Unfortunately, this comes at a price.

Find out how you can help!


Traditional bank transfer

You can support our mission in many ways. One of them is by making a traditional bank transfer to the account of the Psi Los Foundation.


Quick bank transfer

Using a special form, you can easily donate any amount (via contactless card payment, quick transfer, PayPal, Visa Mobile, Google Pay).


Donation to the collection

You can also make a donation through a specially created fundraiser on the „Ratujemy Zwierzaki” portal. <click here>

Only by joining forces, by uniting, can we make a significant impact. Alone, our efforts fall short. Without your assistance and support, we cannot aid the most vulnerable animals, those that have been overlooked by the world.

Who are we helping?

Our aid initiative is primarily directed at the Fedorice shelter – one of the largest this kind of shelters in Ukraine. However, we do not forget about other shelters, for example, in Krematorsk, Dnipro, or Kharkiv. These are also places full of mistreated animals. Abandoned, lost, terrified, whose lives have changed overnight.

Shelter in Fedoriwka

Currently, there are over 3,200 dogs and 200 cats in Fedorika. Just a month ago, there were fewer. Every month, more animals arrive. Volunteers and soldiers bring dogs here. The dogs come from areas known as the „Zero Line” – where the heaviest fighting occurs. Dogs from numerous cities, devastated by conflict, find refuge here. It’s only due to the compassion of caring people that these dogs have been chosen for rescue.

The scale is unimaginable. In Polish shelters, there are usually about 300 dogs and several dozen cats, and even then, everyone thinks that’s a lot. In Fedorice, we are dealing with ten times that amount. We get the impression that the world has forgotten about the animals left in Ukraine. Their needs seem to go unnoticed and uncared for. Often, they are left without food or veterinary care.

Uncertainty and fear…

The increasing uncertainty about the country’s future causes fewer and fewer people to stay in Ukraine. Most have already found temporary homes in various parts of Poland, but the animals cannot simply buy a passport and travel to a place where they can find peace and stability on their own. Those who remain in Ukraine are less inclined to adopt animals now, as all humanitarian aid is primarily focused on helping people. Given their financial limitations, numerous individuals have faced job losses and frequently, Russian missiles and rockets have destroyed their homes.

Injured, suffering...

Animals at the Fedoriwka shelter arrive in various conditions, hit by cars, buried under rubble, hit by missile fragments. Some of them have lost limbs…

Full of hope...

They are waiting for human companionship, for love. Craving touch, warmth and hugs. Their hopeful eyes plead for help, begging for a moment of attention. They wait for someone to notice them…

Requiring treatment...

Injured animals require treatment and care. Often scared, frightened, panicked, and lonely. Longing for the people with whom they spent many years of their lives…

Do you have an idea how to help in a different way?

Write to us or call us

+48 886 253 431 (Joanna Rutkowska)

+380 67 656 7098 (Alexandra Mezinova)

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Today, few of us wonder what happened to the animals that lived in those areas and are now staying there during the armed conflict while their caregivers have already left the country. At the beginning of the war, people evacuated their homes in fear, they couldn’t even grab their most cherished belonging when them. Just as they were dressed, they hastily left their homes. They took only what they had on hand. The noise of falling rockets frightened the animals. Just as our dogs in Poland are afraid of the sound of fireworks. Animals have much sharper hearing. How much pain must the animals in Ukraine have felt?

Joanna Rutkowska

Project Founder

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Settlements of credit card, e-transfer and BLIK transactions are carried out via the Przelewy24 website (PayPro S.A.)

Want to help in a different way? Click on the banner below!


Settlements of credit card, e-transfer and BLIK transactions are carried out via the Przelewy24 website (PayPro S.A.)

Want to help in a different way? Click on the banner below!